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FOCtek Photonics Inc
8, the 7th Rd
Phase II of Minhou Tieling Industrial Dist
Fuzhou, Fujian 350100

Year Founded: 2002
No. of Employees: 1300
Key Personnel: Pres: Steve Huang
Phone: 86-591-3826-6618
Fax: 86-591-3826-6619

FOCtek Photonics Inc

Manufactures precision optical, crystal and assembly components, including windows, lenses, prisms, polarizers, waveplates, PBS, beamsplitters, filters, crystals, and CCTV/machine vision/automotive lenses. Is ISO 9001, ISO 4001 and TS 16949 certified.

FOCtek Photonics Inc Products

Polarization Rotators

Polarization rotators offer 45deg or 90deg rotation at a number of common laser ... View Product

Waveplates, Achromatic

Unlike standard waveplates, Achromatic Waveplates, AWP, provide a constant phase... View Product

High Power Polarization Cube BeamSplitter

Polarizing CPolarization Cube BeamSplitterube Beamsplitters split randomly polar... View Product


There are many types of prism, each having a particular geometry to achieve the ... View Product


Besides standard windows, Foctek offers all kinds of custom-made windows View Product
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