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Having achieved the position of the world’s largest quartz producer, Heraeus Quarzglas looks back on innovations in quartz glass technologies and achievements in offering breakthrough solutions ...
Bristol Instruments designs, manufactures, and markets precision instruments based on its expertise in optical interferometry. Bristol’s flagship products accurately characterize the wavelength ...
Applied Image has become a world leader in the field of custom opto-imaged components and Standard Calibration tools. We achieved this distinction with a wide range of capabilities and many years of e...
About Optical Building Blocks Corporation Optical Building Blocks Corporation (OBB) designs, produces and markets state-of-the-art, proprietary electro-optical components and instrumentation used in l...
About HOYA CORPORATION USA Optics Division HOYA CORPORATION USA was founded in 1972 to support our global expansion initiative. Customers in North America demand rapid response for new product develop...
CeramOptec has been a driving force in the field of optical fibers for over 20 years, providing specialty fiber optic solutions engineered to meet your needs. Regardless of the application, industry, ...
BWT was founded in 2003 in Beijing, China. We specialize in developing and manufacturing of high performance diode laser components and subsystems. As a leading supplier of fiber coupled diode laser c...
Since 1992, TRIOPTICS GmbH has been a leading manufacturer of optical test equipment for industrial and scientific use. The company has focused on research and development of precise and automatic opt...
We purchase optical materials such as optical glass, filter glass, fused quartz and fused silica, and low expansion materials in bulk form and convert them into near net-shaped blanks to our customers...
Our goal at OptoSigma is simple. We are working to build a long-standing partnership with you by earning your trust and confidence as your Thin Film Coatings, Optical Components, Opto-Mechanics, Manua...

Featured Products

808nm 2W Butterfly Packaged Diode Laser K808D14FN-2.00W

BWT Beijing Ltd

660nm~690nm 800mW HHL Package Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser

BWT Beijing Ltd

940nm/976nm 50W High Brightness Diode Laser

BWT Beijing Ltd

793nm 15W High Power Fiber coupled Diode Laser

BWT Beijing Ltd

WDM Optical Wavelength Meter-328 Series

Bristol Instruments Inc

VHM3000 Series Harsh Environment Fibers


High Power Fiber Bundled Diode Laser Module 1470nm/10W

BWT Beijing Ltd

Laser Speckle Reducer LSR3000


FuseConnect Fusion Splice Field-Terminated Connectors - SC, FC, LC, ST


Silica Plate Products

Heraeus Quartz America LLC

Featured Videos

FuseConnect ST 900µm Installation

Installing the AFL FuseConnect™ Fusion Splice Field-Terminated Connectors - LC

Introducing the Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer

Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable Solution by Duraline and AFL (eABF™)

AFL Company Overview

AFL Fast SC Angle Polished Connector Termination Instructions

CODE V Overview: Designing Superior Imaging Optics

Fujikura 19R Ribbon Fusion Splicer

Fujikura 19S Fixed V Groove Fusion Splicer

AFL Swage Bus Installation Instructions

Featured Videos
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