Mad City Labs Inc
2524 Todd Dr
Madison, WI 53713
United States

Year Founded: 1999
Key Personnel: Tech Sls: Shannon Ghorbani
Phone: 608-298-0855
Fax: 608-298-9525

Mad City Labs Inc Products

Nano-MTA Series

The Nano-MTA Series are single axis and two axis piezo nanopositioning mirror ti... View Product

Nano-F Series (objective lens nanopositioning)

The Nano-F Series are piezo nanopositioner focusing elements with 100 or 200 mic... View Product


The Nano-F25HS is a high speed closed loop piezo nanopositioner focusing element... View Product

Nano-LPS Series

The Nano-LPS Series are ultra-low profile, three axis piezo nanopositioning syst... View Product

Nano-HS Series

High speed, closed loop multi-axis, piezo nanopositioning system with picometer ... View Product

MMP Series: Compact high precision micropositioning systems for nanoscale motion

The MMP Series are nanopositioner-ready, stepper motor driven, micropositioning ... View Product
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SPM-M kit: resonant probe AFM with atomic step resolution

The SPM-M Kit combines the MadPLL® instrument package with Mad City Labs high re... View Product
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MCL-NSOM: Low cost near field scanning optical microscope

The MCL-NSOM is a fully operational near field scanning optical microscope. It h... View Product
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MicroMirror TIRF microscope (part of the RM21 single molecule microscope family)

The Mad City Labs' MicroMirror TIRF microscope is part of our RM21™ microscope f... View Product
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