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Master Bond
154 Hobart St
Hackensack, NJ 07601
United States

Year Founded: 1976
Key Personnel: VP Technical Sales: Robert Michaels
Phone: 201-343-8983
Fax: 201-343-2132

Master Bond Products


Master Bond EP21TDCS-LO is a two component, silver filled, electrically conducti... View Product

LED401: High Performance LED Curable Compound

Master Bond LED401 is a unique single component compound that cures rapidly upon... View Product


Master Bond UV10TKLO-2 is a special one component UV curable epoxy modified syst... View Product

MasterSil 710

Well suited for the aerospace and electronic industries, MasterSil 710 is a one ... View Product


With a glass transition temperature exceeding 175°F, EP30-3LO combines superior ... View Product


Suitable for large castings, EP21LVSP6 is a room temperature curing system with ... View Product


Master Bond UV25 offers exceptional thermal stability over the broad service tem... View Product

MasterSil 152

Low viscosity MasterSil 152 is a two component silicone system that cures when e... View Product


Widely used for applications in the aerospace, electronic and OEM industries, Ma... View Product


EP112LS is an optically clear two part, heat curing epoxy for potting, encapsula... View Product


Offering impressive toughness, UV15-42C is a very high strength, one part, trans... View Product


Featuring a low viscosity, EP38CL is an optically clear two component epoxy that... View Product
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Supreme 18TC

Master Bond Supreme 18TC is a cutting edge material pertaining to the thermal ma... View Product

Super Gel 9

Super Gel 9 is a urethane modified epoxy that features unmatched performance pro... View Product
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Master Bond FLM36 is a film adhesive featuring excellent thermal conductivity an... View Product

MasterSil 156

Meeting the UL 94V-0 requirements for flame retardancy, MasterSil 156 is a two c... View Product


Cationic systems, such as UV15, tend to have much higher temperature resistance ... View Product


Master Bond UV15X-6NM-2 is a one component, UV curing urethane acrylate system f... View Product


UV24TKLO is a one part UV curable epoxy modified formulation for bonding, sealin... View Product


Master Bond EP113 is a nanosilica filled epoxy that delivers enhanced dimensiona... View Product

EP3HTS-LO: One Part, Electrically Conductive Epoxy Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specifications

Master Bond EP3HTS-LO is a single component epoxy for demanding bonding, sealing... View Product


Master Bond UV22DC80 is a one component, low viscosity, nanosilica filled epoxy ... View Product


Featuring a nickel filler, Master Bond EP21TDCN-LO is an electrically conductive... View Product


The most special feature of EP30-2LB is its optical transmission profile. It blo... View Product


Master Bond EP126 is a two component epoxy that resists up to +600°F in high tem... View Product

MasterSil 157

MasterSil 157 is a two part system for potting, encapsulation and sealing applic... View Product


Two component, EP30LP-2 produces high strength, rigid bonds with exceptionally l... View Product


Two Component Non-Drip Epoxy Paste Cures Optically Clear In Thin Sections View Product


EP29LPSP is a two component, high performance, modified low temperature heat cur... View Product


One Component, High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Offers a Low Coefficient of Ther... View Product

MasterSil 151TC

Master Bond MasterSil 151TC is a highly flexible, temperature resistant two comp... View Product


One component, nanosilica filled, dual cure system with UV and heat curing mecha... View Product


Master Bond EP42HT-3AO is thermally conductive, electrically insulating epoxy fo... View Product

MasterSil 170 Gel

MasterSil 170 Gel is a two component, addition curing silicone gel for sealing, ... View Product

Supreme 62-1

Supreme 62-1 has excellent physical strength properties and a glass transition t... View Product


Master Bond EP30LTE-2 has been developed for joining dissimilar substrates expos... View Product