OZ Optics Ltd
219 Westbrook Rd
Ottawa, ON K0A 1L0

Year Founded: 1985
No. of Employees: 470
Key Personnel: CEO/Pres: Omur Sezerman
Phone: 613-831-0981
Fax: 613-836-5089

OZ Optics Ltd Products

Optical Delay Lines

Features: Low loss, Sub-picosecond resolution, Wide wavelength range, New: Over ... View Product

High Speed Polarization Controller

OZ Optics Limited offers a high speed electrically driven Polarization Controlle... View Product

High Power Components

OZ Optics uses the latest in fiber and component manufacturing techniques to pro... View Product

Benchtop Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter

OZ Optics’ Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter allows one to quickly measure the... View Product

Backreflection Meters

Features include sensitive to -70dB and 1300/1550nm dual wavelength source. Also... View Product

Benchtop Backreflection Meter

The OZ Optics Limited Benchtop BM-1000 and BM-2000 Backreflection Meters measure... View Product

Collimators and Focusers – Receptacle Style

OZ Optics offers a complete line of fiber collimators and focusers with low back... View Product

Digital Tunable Filter

Tunable filters consist of a collimating optical assembly, an adjustable narrow ... View Product

Digital Variable Attenuators

Features include 0.01dB Resolution-Fast Response Time, 0.6dB To 60dB Attenuation... View Product
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Fiber Optics Ferrules

OZ Optics stocks a variety of ferrules to terminate your own fibers. These ferru... View Product

Fiber Pigtailed Ultra Stable Laser Module OZ-1000, OZ-2000 & OZ-3000 Series

The OZ-1000, OZ-2000 and OZ-3000 laser modules are temperature stabilized, fiber... View Product

Fixed Attenuators and Attenuating Fiber Patchcord

OZ Optics’ line of low cost fixed attenuators are available in four different co... View Product

Free Space Ultra Stable Laser ModuleE OZ-5000 Series

OZ-5000 laser modules are temperature stabilized, free space, laser diode delive... View Product

High Power Fiber Optic Patchcords

OZ Optics offers fiber optic patchcords specifically for high power applications... View Product
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High Power Free Space and Fiber Pigtailed Isolators

OZ Optics uses a patented tilt alignment technique to manufacture isolators with... View Product
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High Power Optical Taps/Power Monitors (Single/Multi Channel)

OZ Optics offers a series of inline optical power monitors and tap couplers base... View Product
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High Power Shutters/Safety Interlocks

OZ Optics offers electrically controlled fiber optic shutters. These shutters ar... View Product

Manually Adjustable Polarization Insensitive Variable Bandwidth Tunable Filters

The manually adjustable variable bandwidth tunable filter is a pigtailed compone... View Product

Metalized Fibers

OZ Optics metalized fibers are specifically designed for optoelectronic packagin... View Product

Mode Field Adapter

A mode field adapter is an essential device to efficiently transfer light for as... View Product
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OZPEN™ CO2 Fiber Optics Cleaning Unit For High Power Components

The OZPEN is a versatile, precision, small surface area cleaning system for crit... View Product
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Polarization Extinction Ratio Meters

Measure Up To 40dB Extinction Ratio, 0.3 Degree Angle Resolution Up To 2 Watts, ... View Product
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Polarizers – Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Polarizers are designed to polarize the output from a light source o... View Product

Single Mode Fiber Pigtailed Collimators with GRIN Lens

OZ Optics offers a complete line of fiber collimators and focusers with low back... View Product
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Tapered and Lensed Fibers

Tapered and lensed fibers offer a convenient way to improve coupling between opt... View Product

Online Catalog

World's Largest Fiber Optic ON-LINE CATALOG (shop.ozoptics.com) View Product