OZ Optics Ltd
219 Westbrook Rd
Ottawa, ON K0A 1L0

Year Founded: 1985
No. of Employees: 470
Key Personnel: CEO/Pres: Omur Sezerman
Phone: 613-831-0981
Fax: 613-836-5089

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Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) - Measuring settlement with fibre optics

OZ Optics' Foresight™ series of fiber optic distributed strain and temperature sensors (DSTS) are sophisticated sensor systems using Brillouin scattering in optical fibers to measure changes in both temperature and strain along the length of an optical fiber. By wrapping or embedding a fiber inside a structure, such as an oil pipeline or dam, one can detect when the structure is being strained or heated/cooled, and correct the problem before failure occurs. Such monitoring capability is invaluable in critical structures where failure could represent loss of lives or millions of dollars. While accurate measurements of small strain and temperature variations may require several minutes, the OZ Optics system can detect and report larger signals within one second, with only a slight loss of accuracy. This sort of response speed is required for security applications, or strains caused by earthquakes, where an immediate measurement and response may be required. Detecting cracks in structures is a major challenge: only a specialized tool can find the target, and the highest resolution is required to take its measurement. OZ Optics' Foresight™ series of sensors offers our customers a powerful tool to detect cracks on ceramics, concrete beams, dams, and so on.