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Sierra-Olympic Technologies Inc (SOTI)
3100 Cascade Ave
Hood River, OR 97031
United States

Year Founded: 1995
Key Personnel: Pres: Chris Johnston
Phone: 541-716-0016
Fax: 541-387-0443

Sierra-Olympic Technologies Inc (SOTI) Products

Ventus™ Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Camera Core

The revolutionary optical gas imaging camera core from Sierra-Olympic Technologi... View Product

Vinden LR - LWIR Thermal OEM Camera with 5x Continuous Zoom

Introducing Sierra-Olympic's new Vinden LR series of long-range thermal cameras ... View Product

Vayu HD - Full HD, Uncooled 1080p Thermal Imager

Sierra-Olympic's new rugged, uncooled full HD LWIR camera is ideal for perimeter... View Product
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Tenum™640 - Uncooled LWIR Camera 640 x 512 x 10 µm

The revolutionary Tenum™640 longwave-infrared (LWIR) camera provides 640 x 512 p... View Product

Vinden 75 - Superior LWIR/Thermal Camera w/5x Continuous Zoom Optic

The new Vinden 75 is an uncooled thermal imaging engine. The OEM module utilizes... View Product

Tamarisk® Thermal Cameras

Tamarisk® thermal camera cores use DRS Infrared’s highly sensitive, uncooled Van... View Product
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Viento 67 - Outdoor-Rated Longwave Infrared (LWIR) Camera

The Viento 67 is a rugged outdoor rated, cost-effective thermal imager, that is ... View Product
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Viento-GT - Easy-to-Use, Thermographically-Calibrated Thermal Camera

New thermal imager designed for wide range of thermal monitoring applications.Si... View Product
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Viento G- Low-Cost, High-Resolution Thermal Camera with GigE Vision®

Affordable, new feature-rich thermal imager comes with 2-year warranty.Sierra-O... View Product
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Viento Standard

Viento delivers high performance with the lowest cost per-pixel price of any the... View Product

NIT Wide Dynamic Range SWIR Camera Systems

The Wide Dynamic Range SWIR products are based on proprietary Wide Dynamic Range... View Product
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VInden EX

Affordable, advanced continuous-zoom thermal cameraVinden EX is an ideal tool fo... View Product

Vinden Core

Vinden thermal camera modules are uncooled, continuous zoom thermal cameras. Vi... View Product
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