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Siskiyou Corp
110 SW Booth St
Grants Pass, OR 97526
United States

Year Founded: 1972
No. of Employees: 50
Key Personnel: Mktg Mgr: Michael Ocoyne
Phone: 541-479-8697
Fax: 541-479-3314

Siskiyou Corp Products

IS-OGP - Optogenetics Positioner

The IS-OGP provides a simple, complete solution that adds a laser light source t... View Product

MX130L - Dovetail Manipulator, 4-axis

The MX130 Manipulator is designed to maximize available space. The narrow profil... View Product

LASER Diode Module Adapters

The LDMH series of LASER diode module adapters are an economical solution for ho... View Product

Rotary Stages

The compact size and high performance of our RSA-2.0i motorized rotation stage m... View Product

Mirror Mounts 500MM Series Actuators

The 500MM series of open loop actuators are designed specifically for driving ou... View Product

LED light source - Near-Infrared

The Gradient Contrast Illuminator, when mounted in lieu of the OEM condenser in ... View Product

Dovetail Translation Stage

The DT-300 dovetail translation stage offers rapid 1.0 inch (25 mm) linear posit... View Product

XYZ Stages-Manual, Miniature Dovetail Slide

The DT-100 is a miniature dovetail stage that is ideal for positioning applicati... View Product

XYZ Stages-Manual, Dovetail Slide, Fast Travel

The DT-130 series of dovetail stages integrates a coarse fast travel stage and a... View Product

Manual Crossed Roller- XYZ Stages 20-mm

1600 series crossed roller translation stages are ideal for a wide range of subm... View Product

Motorized, Crossed Roller, 20-mm

The 7600 motorized crossed roller bearing translation stage offers exceptionally... View Product

Manual, Low Profile, Crossed Roller-XYZ Stages

The 50.5cr, 100.5cr and 150.5cr represent the thinnest line of crossed roller st... View Product

SM-CFTx Coupler

Aligning LASER light into the core of a multi-mode fiber requires submicron reso... View Product

Single-Mode Fiber Coupler

We have listened to our OEM's and have engineered a solution. A new opto-mechan... View Product

Monolithic Flexure Mounts IXF1.0i

The IXFi series monolithic flexure mounts are a new line of mounts that are spec... View Product