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Synopsys Inc
Optical Solutions Group
690 E Middlefield Rd
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States

Key Personnel: Worldwide Sales Manager: Scott Jennato
Phone: 626-795-9101
Fax: 626-795-9102

Synopsys Inc Products


Design and deliver great optical systems with CODE V's industry-leading lens opt... View Product
1 Resource | 5 Videos


LightTools is a complete optical design and analysis software product featuring ... View Product
1 Resource | 1 Video

RSoft Products

Design and simulate optical telecommunication devices and systems, optical compo... View Product
2 Videos


Synopsys' LucidShape products provide a complete set of design, simulation and a... View Product
1 Resource

Synopsys Optical Engineering Services: Imaging, Illumination and Systems Engineering

Synopsys' Optical Solutions Group, formerly Optical Research Associates (ORA®), ... View Product
1 Resource

Software Training

In addition to the training provided at our facilities, customized classes can b... View Product

PhoeniX Software OptoDesigner

Automate the layout and verification of photonic integrated circuits. View Product