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Synopsys Inc
Optical Solutions Group
690 E Middlefield Rd
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States

Key Personnel: Worldwide Sales Manager: Scott Jennato
Phone: 626-795-9101
Fax: 626-795-9102

Synopsys Inc Videos

Fault Injection: ISO 26262

Fault Injection is a podcast from Synopsys that digs into software quality and security issues. Hosts Chris Clark, Principal Security Engineer at Syno... View details

USB 3.1 Interoperability Tree Testing with DesignWare® USB IP

Join Eric Huang as he explains how Synopsys performs Interoperability Tree Testing to test DesignWare’s USB 3.1 IP robustness. The Interoperability Tr... View details

Synopsys Software Integrity Group

Synopsys offers the most comprehensive solution for building integrity—security and quality—into your SDLC and supply chain. We’ve united leading test... View details

Managed Services from Synopsys

Really good security experts are difficult to find and expensive to hire. On top of that, you may not have a consistent need for their skill set. Woul... View details

Design the best optical communication systems and PIC layouts

Find out more about OptSim, OptSim Circuit, and ModeSYS: RSoft Photonic System Design Suite a... View details

Synopsys Overview

Synopsys is a leading company in the Electronic Design Automation industry and this video will show you how your work will have impact. Synopsys suppl... View details

RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite Overview video

Synopsys’ RSoft Component Design software and services are used by researchers, manufacturers, systems integrators, and service providers to address d... View details

CODE V Overview: Designing Superior Imaging Optics

To learn more about CODE V, please visit V is used by engineers to design photographic lense... View details

Street Lighting Design & Optimization in LightTools

To learn more about LightTools, please visit is a complete 3D optical engineering... View details