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Synopsys Inc
Optical Solutions Group
690 E Middlefield Rd
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States

Key Personnel: Worldwide Sales Manager: Scott Jennato
Phone: 626-795-9101
Fax: 626-795-9102

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Design the best optical communication systems and PIC layouts

Find out more about OptSim, OptSim Circuit, and ModeSYS:

The RSoft Photonic System Design Suite allows users to design and simulate current and next-generation optical communication systems and photonic integrated circuits at the signal propagation level.
Currently three software packages are part of the suite:
OptSim, ModeSYS - Simulate single mode and multimode optical communication systems at the signal propagation level.
OptSim Circuit – Model single- and multi-stage bidirectional photonic integrated circuits (PICs)
These advanced tools enhance and accelerate user modeling capabilities and provide real field design scenarios using extensive industry specifications. Our users include optical component and equipment manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, as well as government labs and academic institutions. Whether you are interested in maximizing performance, minimizing costs, reducing time to market, fast prototyping, or analyzing multiple "what-if" scenarios for optical communication systems, these tools will become an inseparable partner and the secret of your success.