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Tunable Diode Lasers

Tunable single-frequency diode lasers utilize a laser diode and a frequency selective element like a grating for laser frequency selection and tuning. They are available for individual wavelengths between 369 nm and 3500 nm, and deliver narrow-linewidth emission that is tunable - in some systems up to 110 nm wide without a single mode-hop.

Such lasers can be amplified either in stand-alone amplifiers or in complete Master Oscillator Power Amplifer (MOPA) systems to reach CW powers up to 3.5 W. Most of TOPTICAs amplified systems utilize tapered amplifiers.

Further spectral regions are accessible with frequency-converted lasers - they reach from
190 mn up to 680 nm with power levels also in the 1 W regime.

Important properties of all these systems are low noise (RIN and linewidth) and drift.

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