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Wavelength Meters

HighFinesse laser measurement equipment

Unmatched absolute accuracy down to 2 MHz
Measurement ranges from UV to IR (192 nm .. 11 µm)
For pulsed and cw lasers
Sensitivity down to nW light power
Up to 600 Hz acquisition speed

The wavelength meters of the WS series accomplish wavelength measurements with highest accuracy. Both cw and pulsed lasers with narrow-band emission can be examined, monitored and even actively controlled. Various models of the WS series are available, covering UV to IR wavelength ranges (192 nm - 11 µm). Based on a rugged Fizeau interferometer setup without any moving components, the wavelength meters provide quasi unlimited lifetime.The spectrum analyzers LSA and HDSA allow for multi-line or broadband spectrum of light sources like cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, super luminescence diodes, semiconductor laser diodes and LEDs.

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